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-Recital review(2007.7.31)-

Hisamoto's pliant and sophisticated performance of Mozart works grabbed the mind of the listener. Her talents in performing Mozart works are quite extraordinary.

-CD-Mozart in Age of Youth

Yuko Hisamoto's website is overflowing with information on Mozart and is a must-see if you are a Mozart fan. Her newly-released CD which has received critical acclaim, is substantive and exceeds the listener's expectations. The tempo is crucial in works of Mozart. If it is too fast, it sounds monotonous; if it is too slow, it sounds dull. Pianist Yuko Hisamoto plays with a perfectly balanced tempo. Yuko Hisamoto's playing of fast, complicated passages is truly precise, not to mention the phrasing of the melody. Her performance succeeds in conveying subtle nuances, which make the piece truly expressive.

-CD-Mozart in Age of Youth

Her performance of Mozart is evenly balanced, and the way she interprets the rhythms produces a rich, mellow flavor. By using lower keys effectively and moderately emphasizing those sounds, she produces a polyphonic effect. Her refined musical sense can be felt throughout her performance.

-CD-Beethoven's works; Therese Sonata, Waldstein Sonata-

Her lyrical performance is first-rate. Her splendid techniques fill the audience with excitement. She performs skillfully, but not ostentatiously, playing each note with an exquisite touch. The sound of the chords she creates is dazzling, and the refined rubato and phrasing are beautiful. From any perspective, she has achieved perfection in her Beethoven performance. This is a CD must hear.

-CD-Beethoven's works; Therese Sonata, Waldstein Sonata-

The way she adds subtle nuances to various phrases and lets the chords echo produces a precise perspective resulting in a profound performance. Through her intelligent interpretation, Hisamoto succeeds in carving a niche for herself among the great piano performers. Her power of intelligence has led her innate talents to bloom.